Introduction of TGIF

TGIF Fund's goal is expanding the game industry's horizon.
We find many of the best game teams tend not to risk innovation while some innovative teams
struggle for resources to polish their products.

“That's the reason why TGIF exists.”

We hope to find teams that are willing to explore game players' undiscovered needs.
These teams may not have a strong development capacity,
but they must have a good sense of market and deep thought.

We hope to find teams that are developing brand new game genres.
These teams may not have many people,
but they must have distinct characteristics and innovations.

We hope to find teams that are working on games in segmented markets
and trying to bring them to the mass market.
These teams may not gain any profit, but they are looking for future industry breakthroughs.

We hope to find teams that revitalize old and classic game genres for players.
These teams may take big risks,
but they keep exploring possibility in areas where others have already given up.

Using our strength, we hope to grow with these potential teams.
We want to support companies that are exploring in unknown areas.
We hope to support more, and bear more responsibility and fight for the future of the industry.