Widen Horizons

TGIF is looking for future opportunities in the game industry.
Our eyes are focusing on potential teams.
We want teams and developers who are exploring unknown areas.



TGIF hopes to meet game players' undiscovered needs.
We want the best, innovative games that most players haven't experienced.
To show off masterpieces they have not seen before.



TGIF wants to bear the costs of innovators.
We will provide abundant resources to innovative teams with bold ideas.
This will allow teams to present polished products to players.


Collaborationand Mutual Growth

TGIF hopes to establish equal and deep collaboration with
ambitious teams to search for future opportunity.
We want to combine advantages and ideas of
the Chinese game industry with the Western game industry.

Introduction of TGIF

TGIF's mission is to expand the boundaries of gaming.
We hope to find studios that are developing games players never
even knew they wanted. We hope to nurture studios that are
birthing new gaming genres. We hope to support studios that are
masters of their niche, ready to propel their passion to new heights.
We hope to foster studios that are committed to reinvigorating and reinventing old gems for a new generation.
Together we will grow and blossom.

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